97/8, Babar Block, New Garden Town, Lahore
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READ Solar (Pvt) Ltd
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+92 423 5911 705 +92 423 5911 749
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+92 423 5911 705 +92 423 5911 749
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97/8, Babar Block, New Garden Town, Lahore
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READ Solar (Pvt) Ltd. is a company established to provide alternative energy solutions and services to Pakistan. The company is geared towards bringing the best quality solar solutions to Pakistan. READ Solar provides economical, high-quality products and services to its clients that not only improve the environmental quality of the country but also help in resolving the prevalent energy crisis. Worldwide technological developments have enabled our team of dedicated engineers to acquire the unique expertise in how best to harness, control and convert solar energy into reliable electricity efficiently, ready for use in various sectors such as Industrial, Agricultural, Corporate, Commercial and Residential etc, as well as transfer it to the local grid. READ solar has taken step-forward for the development of solar projects of various on-grid and off-grid with emphasis on a substational increase of renewable energy in Pakistan’s grid.

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