• How net-metering can bring down your electricity bill


    Noor Ul Huda We pay our monthly bills to power distribution companies, but have you ever wondered how the companies can pay you? All you have to do is install an alternative source of electricity generation, such as solar or wind power. The excess electricity created by this system can then be added to the

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  • The benefits of solar energy and net metering


    Muhammad Rehan-Muhammad Farhan-Dr. Ponum Source: The energy prices have started to increase again. The increase in the global crude price will increase fuel price in Pakistan. In addition to this, it will also increase the price of imported LNG. The price of imported LNG is linked to the price of crude. It’s a great

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  • Top Questions to Ask Before Going Solar – Part 1


    As a customer, you should make it a point to ask your solar installer the critical questions – the questions that you need answers for. Remember that it is the job of the solar installer to share information with a customer that will help the customer decide what he / she wants out of their solar installation. Some of the questions that a customer should ask are: Can solar really lower my electri

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