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The Solar Quality Passport initiative is a part of the Pakistan Solar Quality Project being implemented by German Solar Association (BSW-Solar) with the support of the German International Development Cooperation (GIZ). BSW-Solar is supported by Stimulus as exclusive local contractor in implementation of project activities. Critical stakeholders in the implementation process are the Alternative Energy Development Board of Pakistan, that plays a key advisory role and Pakistani Solar Industry Associations, Solar Quality Foundation (SQF) – who will take ownership of the project once it is implemented - and Renewable and Alternate Energy Association of Pakistan (REAP) that works closely with SQF through a Memorandum of Understanding to promote solar quality in Pakistan.

Solar Quality Foundation (SQF)

The German-International Development Cooperation with its Pakistani subsidiary based in Islamabad The Solar Quality Foundation is a Pakistani Solar Industry Association with a key focus on quality, training and the improvement of market condition for Solar PV in Pakistan. SQF will take the lead in this project, once implementation is completed. SQF is united with Renewable Energy Association of Pakistan (REAP) through a memorandum of understanding.

German-International Development Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH

The German-International Development Cooperation with its Pakistani subsidiary based in Islamabad implements a wide range of development projects on behalf of the German and Pakistani government. GIZ made this project possible through funding and supervision.

German Solar Association (BSW-Solar)

The German Solar Association (BSW-Solar), based in Berlin implements the Solar Quality Passport on behalf of the German-International Development Cooperation (GIZ). BSW-Solar was chosen, because of its experience with similar projects in Germany, South Africa and Chile. The learnings of these previous projects will add value to the current project in Pakistan.


Stimulus Pvt. Ltd. is a Karachi-based, internationally experienced consulting firm working closely together with BSW-Solar in the implementation of the Solar Quality Passport. Stimulus aims to strengthen private and social enterprises with their sustainable development goals and initiatives to increase impact and scale.

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