About SQP

Poor quality, underperforming and unreliable solar products and installation hamper the Pakistani PV market.  Customer satisfaction and the image of the industry are affected. A broad-based private sector initiative led by the Solar Quality Foundation (SQF), supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, has therefore taken up the challenge together with partners such as the German Solar Association and Stimulus Pakistan, to develop a concept that will significantly improve quality in the Pakistani solar market.

The SQP has been designed to provide system owners with confidence that the installers who issue the passport will act in compliance with all applicable national policies, regulations and standards. With the completion of each installation, the signed and thoroughly elaborated SQP is handed over to the customer.

The Pakistan Solar Quality Passport does not replace any warranties given by manufacturers, but will ensure that the consumer is provided with the required documentation after the PV system is installed. By focusing on quality, the solar sector wants to improve the overall quality and long term reliability of PV systems in Pakistan.  It wants to prevent – among other things: low quality and unsafe installations work; misleading claims given to system owners regarding the performance of their Solar PV system and future electricity bills; false advertising regarding the size and suitability of the Solar PV system being installed and; the installation company not taking responsibility for the whole of the Solar PV system including fulfillment of component warranties and general workmanship.

The documentation provided by the Solar Quality Passport contains, among other things, information on the following aspects of a PV installation:

  • Information about the system size, system design

  • Place, date and type of installation

  • Owner and installer of the PV system

  • Built-in components (modules, inverters, cables, mounting system, storage system if applicable)

  • Safety and commissioning measures

  • Grid connection codes

  • Yield expectations

  • Annexed documents such as warranty certificates, wiring diagram etc.

    The Pakistan Solar Quality Passport is a PDF-based document, being handed over to the customer with the finalization of each PV installation. It is endorsed and recommended by the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB).

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