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More and more Solar PV units in Pakistan are equipped with the Solar Quality Passport (SQP) and are therefore high-quality and durable products and installations. The three widgets show you how many solar systems already have an SQP (Widget 1), how high the output of all solar systems with Solar Quality Passport is (Widget 2) and how many installers in Pakistan are already authorized to exhibit the SQP (Widget 3).


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Solar Quality Passport

Quality issues hamper the market for photovoltaic solar energy in Pakistan significantly. This is backed by studies (e.g. as well as experiences from local market experts. Experts indicate that most quality issues occur during installation. The Solar Quality Passport Pakistan directly addresses these issues by providing a standardized “as-built-report” with comprehensive checklists and data to be filled-in by the installer.

The Solar Quality Passport may only be used and issued by endorsed installers. Companies have to register with the Solar Quality Passport initiative and have to match the SQP registration policy which includes initial training on high-quality Solar PV installations and an initial fee. Once the registration is approved, companies will appear on the SQP website and will be allowed to issue Solar Quality Passports. Each Solar Quality Passport is subject to a fee.

The SQP is based on experiences from Germany and South Africa, where similar concepts have been invented and implemented by the German Solar Association and local partners. This knowledge is now being transferred to Pakistan. Thanks to funding by the German-International Cooperation (GIZ) and supervision by local associations and the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) the SQP will be implemented by the German Solar Association and Stimulus.

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